DMR at Baofeng Prices: $108 Shipped

Tytera-TYT-MD-380-Walkie-Talkie-Digital-UHF-400-480MHz-5W-Digital-Mobile-DMR-LCD-CompatibleI’m new to Amateur Radio and am pretty much learning as I go but I don’t have to be a genius to know a deal when I see one. DMR isn’t necessarily a new technology but it is fairly new to the Amateur Community and quickly became a force to be reckoned with along side System Fusion, D-Star and P25.

The DMR standard operates within the existing 12.5 kHz channel spacing used in land mobile frequency bands globally, but achieves two voice channels through two-slot TDMA technology to split the frequency into two 6.25 MHz slots. This allows for a conversation to be carried on each slot and thus allowing two coversations to be carried on at once on the same 12.5 MHz space. How’s that for efficient use of Bandwidth!

Once upon a time Amateur Radio was very cost prohibitive and kept most curious people away from the hobby. Along came Baofeng, Tytera and many other international manufacturers appealing to an untapped market of Hams on a budget who couldn’t afford $500 or more for a radio.

On the same token, digital radios were also cost prohibitive being priced at around $500 or more and this kept it out of the hands of most folks. Along comes Tytera with the MD-380 UHF DMR Radio that is rugged, powerful, clear sounding and affordable! I own this radio myself and it goes everywhere with me. The sound on this radio is crisp and clear and in my opinion on the same level as the pricier Motorola’s. At $108.00 including the shipping from Ebay retailer LetsGetReady, you have no reason not to snatch one up right now. I bought one from them myself and am completely satisfied with their service. It arrives in 3-5 days and can easily be programmed with the included software. If you have someone with a codeplug then programming just became that much easier.

Trust me when I tell you that you will not regret this purchase and will be the envy of all your Ham Buddies who don’t have one. Follow this link below to get yours right now.

Tytera MD-380 DMR Radio (LetsGetReady): $108.00

Why are you still here reading this? What are you waiting for? They might sell out while your reading this. Hurry up, I’m over here on the North American Talkgroup waiting for you!