Gig Box Go-Kit Project

I picked up this SKB 6U Rack Mount Gig Box from a musician in North Jersey a couple days ago. My intention is to build a Go-Kit like some that I have seen on the Web utilizing cases like these. I am one of those Dude’s who firmly believes in being overly prepared. I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Will this make for a sizeable and probably weighty Go-Kit? Sure! I don’t mind it though as this baby has wheels and a handle for towing it along. So, I’m now in the R&D Phase of this build and looking for ideas. Feel Free to send me your ideas in the comments or to my email ( If you’d like to donate to this project and help me build it you can use the Paypal Donate button on the home page to help support this and future projects.

RFI Noise & How to fix it! – Ham Radio Crash Course

Allstar Meet & Greet Net Is Back

The Allstar Meet and Greet Net is back from summer break and transmitting every Saturday Night at 10 PM Eastern on the South Jersey Allstar Hub Node 44207. We are trying something new and Live Streaming from Net Control on Facebook during the net. The Live Stream gives those not… Continue reading

Putting Spirit Back Into 6 Meters

One Dark and Stormy Night, a good swift wind decided to lay the smackdown to the ACURA Ham Radio Network’s 6 Meter input on top of the Holy Spirit High School in Absecon, NJ. Literally! The crazy part was that the input seemed to still work flawlessly and retain its… Continue reading

New App Helps Blind Hams Get On The Air

Recently, an app has been created that for the first time ever allows blind hams to participate in PSK31. The app is being given away to the world for free. Essentially, this app allows blind hams to use their computer’s “screen reader” to work with DigiPan. Several members of the… Continue reading